Should you invest in your digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to all the techniques and means used to sell a product or promote a brand through different channels. It can be publications on social networks, ads on search engines or automated email marketing. Whether you decide to call on the expertise of a digital marketing agency or launch on your own, investing in your digital marketing can only be beneficial for your business.

1. Reach your audience

Digital marketing strategies aim to drive qualified traffic to your website or retail locations. By making sure you target your prospects, people who are likely to be interested in your products or services, you increase your chances of seeing your sales multiply.

For example, the implementation of natural referencing strategies allows you to get as close as possible to user requests in order to position yourself as a ready-made solution to a precise need formulated by your prospects.

2. Measuring the impact

One of the great advantages of the web is the traceability of data. All actions are measurable. You can easily track the impact of your marketing efforts and adjust your strategies to focus on the leads that give the best results.

We talk about KPIs, key performance indicators. Among the most used are:

The conversion rate ;
The cost of acquisition;
The number of visits;
The rate of engagement;
The abandonment rate.
Note that the KPIs to analyze depend on the actions implemented and the objectives defined.

3. A lower cost of acquisition

Digital marketing is proving to be very profitable. It is proven that the cost of acquiring a customer, i.e. the amount spent to transform a prospect into a customer, is much cheaper via digital marketing than via traditional marketing.

It is indeed much easier to convert on the web. By making sure you promote your brand throughout the buying journey with advanced targeting techniques, you maximize your efforts and investments. Moreover, as discussed in the previous point, measuring results continuously allows you to easily adjust all strategies in real time, which is more difficult to imagine with print for example.

4. Strengthen your brand image

Maximizing your online presence can significantly increase your visibility. The different tools and media are a great way to promote your brand image, to make your story and your values shine.

You become easily identifiable to your target audience, which brings you closer to your audience and gradually gains their trust.

5. Conquer new market shares

If your competitors are present on the web, there is no reason for you not to go there and miss great opportunities! And if they are not yet there, investing in a digital marketing strategy is a real performance lever to boost your sales.

A/B tests and data analysis could identify new opportunities and open the doors to a whole new market, like expanding your audience to a new target.

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