6 éléments clés qui doivent être inclus dans une stratégie de marketing numérique

Une stratégie marketing bien planifiée est la base de tout effort marketing réussi. Plus de la moitié des marques ne disposent pas d’une stratégie de marketing numérique bien définie ou n’en ont pas encore adopté une. Une stratégie de marketing numérique est essentielle car elle vous donne un sens de l’orientation, décrit les objectifs que … Read more

Customer service: what if the future was in the metaverse?

Customer service: what if the future was in the metaverse?

If the metaverse is not yet the announced revolution, it could well disrupt the entire Customer service relationship chain in the years to come… On the day of a match, soccer clubs normally sell tickets to about 40,000 people and these fans usually spend a few hours in the stadium and eventually buy a shirt … Read more

Hypergrowth, industrialization, performance… the digital challenges of SMEs

Technology: Life, ManoMano, Allopneus and InWebo: four SMEs and four distinct, yet convergent, objectives sought in the deployment of an all-in-one solution in the cloud. ManoMano is a perfect illustration of the digital transformation and uses that a large number of SMEs, whether pure web players or not, have been experiencing since 2020. Before Covid, … Read more

Should you invest in your digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to all the techniques and means used to sell a product or promote a brand through different channels. It can be publications on social networks, ads on search engines or automated email marketing. Whether you decide to call on the expertise of a digital marketing agency or launch on your own, investing … Read more

Traffic acquisition: Boost your business with digital marketing Digital marketing: An essential lever for many companies

Digital marketing and paid traffic acquisition can be powerful tools to boost your business. Acquiring traffic through SEA or social ads can help you reach a wider audience and build brand awareness. The online audience is large and the targeting possibilities are very fine, allowing you to have a qualified and interesting traffic volume. Paid … Read more

Mailchimp: how to master the all-in-one marketing tool

Among the leading marketing management solutions, Mailchimp is a simple and effective tool for any personalized marketing campaign. It covers email, SMS, website, social networks… What is Mailchimp ? Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform. Marketed in web mode, this solution allows you to use a multitude of marketing tools to improve your visibility and … Read more