Flexible marketing: reacting to the imponderables

Flexible marketing: reacting to the imponderables

The current health crisis has represented an organizational challenge for many companies. They have had to revise their entire planning according to the new realities. While this disadvantage may have been a heavy burden for many, Sandra Fréchette, Senior Consultant in Digital Transformation and Customer Experience, Deloitte Digital and Chloé Gascon, Digital Strategy Consultants at Deloitte, believe that it is possible to take advantage of the situation by developing action strategies based on flexibility. The two experts propose the Agile Marketing training: knowing how to adapt to gain efficiency in order to provide concrete tools to better react to imponderables.

Reactivity in times of pandemic

The training offered by the expert duo aims to provide organizations with tools to be more effective in uncertain times. Not only does agile marketing allow you to adapt your message and product to the fluctuations of the world, but it also allows you to develop methods that facilitate rapid decision making.

“We work from the idea of proactive, adaptive, moving marketing. Our training offers concrete tools. They leave with a starter kit that contains lots of resources to adapt their ways of doing things and their teams to agile marketing,” says Chloé Gascon. She adds that a full hour of the training is dedicated to a discussion on current issues and new ways of working in a pandemic context. 

A trend of the growing popularity

More and more companies are adopting agile strategies. Many of them have requested the help of the two experts to review their working methods. “The agile method forces us to be more attentive. Rather than planning months in advance, we are ready to react to what is happening and we really want to meet the needs of the customer and the organization in the present. It’s reassuring to know that you have the tools to react to any unexpected changes.

Interactive training

Chloé Gascon explains that their training offers exercises that help participants develop problem-solving, organizational and even creative skills. “We created the session with our theory. It is therefore constructed and thought through the filter of the agile method. What we offer is not just a solution for one individual, it’s a way to organize everyone’s work to make it more efficient. If ever we had to confine ourselves again to 24 hours notice, an agile team would not be afraid of this unexpected change. They would be able to act quickly and for the better. »

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