Digital Transformation: prepare internally before the marketing strategy

In the digital age, to remain dynamic and competitive whatever your sector of activity, you are thinking of digitizing your activities. Ensure your appointments with your customers or with your employees remotely to save time, support your traditional marketing with web campaigns.

Digital transformation, why now?

It goes without saying that today digital is the key to not only greatly facilitate a company’s exchanges, whether internal or external, but also to boost your marketing strategy. A company not adapting to digital in the last decades takes a lot of risk compared to a competition that is going digital and therefore becoming more attractive and accessible, but are there still a lot of companies that do not use any technology, and if so how long can it continue to exist? 
It’s quite simple today: the Internet is everywhere, therefore favoring the use of new technologies and pushing the consumer to compare thanks to more content to which he has access, and all this in the midst of increasingly aggressive competition.
If you are preparing a digital transformation of your marketing and commercial actions, know that this is the right choice! E-commerce has been booming in recent years: more than 85% of Internet users buy online (Moderator’s Blog). So if you are now convinced that this is the solution, the question to ask yourself is: what marketing strategy should you adopt for this digital transformation?

How to implement your digitalization?

A successful digital transformation for a company is to be equipped with the latest technologies and to succeed in using them effectively. For this, there is no choice: you have to prepare a marketing strategy. Indeed, getting the tools is one thing but you must know how to use them, otherwise you risk a failure of your strategy, which will make you lose time and money. 
More specifically, it is a digital marketing strategy that must be implemented. Here are the essential steps:
A website is the very basis of a digital transformation. To be found by Internet users, your customers or prospects and thus expose your company, your activities and your expertise, a website is an obligation.
The content marketing (content marketing). If you have a website it is better that there is content on it, so it is important to keep it up to date and to try to feed it as much as possible with qualitative content about your business. In addition to making your site attractive, the Internet users will have access to more content, which will give you a better credibility thanks to your expertise on the market.
Referencing, you have a site but if nobody sees it, what’s the point? The natural referencing which is a digital marketing technique allows you to be found by your targets on search engines like Google and thus generate traffic on your site.
Web analytics, it is crucial in a good digital marketing strategy to continuously analyze the results of your activities on the web to better understand the behavior of your customers and adapt to it and also see the actions to take to continue to make your site the most attractive. There are many tools that allow you to monitor the performance of your site.
These three elements represent the basis of the digitalization of your company and its marketing. You can go even further by deploying: your presence on social networks, email campaigns, paid referencing campaigns, automation, … there are few limits in the possibilities offered by digital marketing! 
 If you are convinced that digital transformation and a digital marketing strategy are the future of your business, then where are you? 

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